Drain my cock Dry

Photo of Drain my cock Dry
Photo of Drain my cock Dry

Tops love their cocks being well-serviced, and the best bottoms know how to lovingly service them. German is one of those prime cock-jockeys; and Alexio is an alpha needing a boy's holes to ride. Meanwhile, it's just too sad seeing daddy working his big gear shift alone. Thankfully our guy happens by, and rides that dick every which way—but loose from his ass! That is, until it's time to get his own tank full—of daddy sperm. Which is the best fuel for any good boy ride!

Categories: Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Silverdaddy
Details: Dec 4, 2021 27 min
Photo of Alexio
Photo of German Kessler
German Kessler

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