Paint Job

Photo of Paint Job
Photo of Paint Job

Ezequiel and a helper landed a job with a temporary agency to paint an office after hours. Ezequiel is in charge of the job, he basically let the kid do the majority of the work. At one point E says “cool there is a computer here” I am going to watch some porn. He starts watching a straight flick, at one point he calls his helper and said, “check out the big tits on that blonde” his helper replies: “I like the hairy older guy who is fucking her” . Big silence and E went in to attack mode. Great seeing E back, he now kisses and fucks like the rest of ass. One of these days we are going to have his ass rimmed, that would be a dream cum true. He has the best ass in the porn industry ;-)

Categories: Daddy Tops Younger, Fetish, Hairy Daddy, One on One
Details: Dec 10, 2014 34 min
Photo of Ezequiel
Photo of Miles Rocca
Miles Rocca

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