Brad Kalvo Fucks Bobby

Photo of Brad Kalvo Fucks Bobby
Photo of Brad Kalvo Fucks Bobby

We just love putting together older-younger couples who love sex. After getting fucked by Berker and taking that massive cock, Bobby begged us to pair him with Brad. BObby likes them beefy and hairy and he knows that he loves making porn because he just loves fucking. Despite the fact weuse every day guys on oir scenes ,once in a while, we get a big name talent like Brad Kalvo and Falcon porn model Booby. The result was just spectacular, these two guys connected right away. Bobby was pleased to service Brad. He kept saying "I can't believe I have
you all for me, go ahead and use my hole as you please , Daddy"

Categories: Daddy Tops Younger, Hairy Daddy, Muscle Boy, Muscular Daddy
Details: Jun 10, 2014 32 min
Photo of Bobby Hart
Bobby Hart
Photo of Brad Kalvo
Brad Kalvo

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