Hosting an Exchange Student

Photo of Hosting an Exchange Student
Photo of Hosting an Exchange Student

Andrew was very anxious to meet the hosting family. He had been making arrangements for months to leave the small town in Uruguay where he lived and visited Buenos Aires, the closest big city. The family looked adorable on paper, the head of the household described himself as an open minded 62 year old hard working man with integrity, eager to teach the young generations solid values. Upon his arrival he noticed the old man was by himself. " I managed to get the whole family on a trip so you and I can have some quality time together", Don Diego said. "I bet you want to take a hot shower. I will get it ready for you. I want you to have a great stay. You will enjoy your stay here. I just want you to be happy". Soon enough the exchange student learned how to make Don Diego happy as you will see on this hot video.

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Details: Sep 25, 2014 27 min
Photo of Andrew
Photo of Don Diego
Don Diego

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