Silver Fox Chronicles

Photo of Silver Fox Chronicles
Photo of Silver Fox Chronicles

Ana is visiting an old friend with her son. Pierre used to be her lover but now they are just good friends. How mature is your son! , he says. Yes he is a gentleman now. He just tuned eighteen and he is handsome and intelligent like his mother, Ana says. Dario and Pierre they look at each other and they both can see that something clicked. Ana indicated to Pierre that she needs to go to downtown to see her accountant. Can Dario stay with you for a couple of hours? “of course” the grandpa says. As soon as she leaves, they are both entangled in a passionate sex session.

Categories: Daddies in Suit, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger
Details: Dec 24, 2014 26 min
Photo of Dario
Photo of Pierre

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