Into Hot Daddies

Photo of Into Hot Daddies
Photo of Into Hot Daddies

Jocks and Coaches can be a sneaky lot, who often say they want one thing, when obviously they want another. Like Felix, a jock who coyly consults training Coach Marvin, a hot, muscled man who's always more interested in working a boy's ass than showing him a workout routine, too. Besides, both men know that sweaty sex is the best motion you can put your bodies through—and a hard cock bare pumping a tight hole is better than any gym machine! So, do as these two studs did: forgo the talk and go right for the daddy dick and boy butt—and pump your way to your best bodies, ever!

Categories: Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscular Daddy, Uncut Daddy
Details: Nov 5, 2021 29 min
Photo of Felix Harris
Felix Harris
Photo of Marvin

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