After Hours Pounding

Photo of After Hours Pounding
Photo of After Hours Pounding

Verdi is a great boss who really cares about his workers' well-being, and the latest hire is about to find out just how deeply. German Kessler is gay, and Daddy Verdi wants to make sure the new boy feels welcome. And what better way than for Daddy to show him some special attention in the secret room behind the office? Inside, German quickly understands his job. He drops to his knees and swallows his boss's huge cock. But Daddy Verdi would like to explore more of his recent worker's skills, and orders German on his back. He swiftly obeys. Seems the upstart can handle anything—including all of that monster cock in his ass. However, German wants more, too, and screams "You're so fucking beautiful...Now, fuck me harder...I can take it Grandpa!" Well, German can definitely take it—and don't be surprised if Daddy Verdi gives him a raise more than once!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Over 70, Uncut Daddy
Details: Mar 5, 2021 32 min
Photo of German Kessler
German Kessler
Photo of Verdi

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