Daddy, I was Bad

As soon as Joaquin arrived home , he knew that Daddy knew where he was and what he did. He had stopped by the bathrooms at the train station and sucked off a couple of daddies. One of the daddies knew his BF and told Fernando what happened, he even send him a photo he took with his cell phone. Maybe Joaquin did it because he likes to be punished by Daddy. As a matter of fact Daddy likes him to suck guys off but the rule is that his ass is only his. After a long punishment daddy fucked him with his big cock and that is what Joaquin wanted all along.

Categories: Daddies in Suit, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Uncut Daddy
Details: Oct 10, 2014 34 min
Photo of Fernando
Photo of Joaquin

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