Sucking My Boss

Photo of Sucking My Boss
Photo of Sucking My Boss

Alvaro, one of the most requested daddies this year since his day view on Playdaddy, We wanted this scene to be as close to reality as possible, Alvaro confessed to us that he had only been with one guy, it was just a quickie a long time ago. It looks like MIles was able to seduced him and convinced him to try again and let me tell you he loved it. Alvaro a 69 year old hottie in his first gay video ever. Try not to watch video at your own risk.

Categories: Daddies in Suit, Daddy Tops Younger, Hairy Daddy, Uncut Daddy
Details: Feb 10, 2015 28 min
Photo of Alvaro
Photo of Miles Rocca
Miles Rocca

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