Palm Springs Calling

Photo of Palm Springs Calling
Photo of Palm Springs Calling

When men wanna have sex, what often stalls the action is where to fuck. So, in places like Palm Springs, where men wanna fuck each other 24/7, most true horndogs, if a bed's not available, would dump loads in each other's behinds in an actual dumpster! Hot but maybe too trashy for some. Thankfully, Brunno and Morgan, a hot young daddy top and a hot daddy bottom, do have a convenient but more comfortable place to play: a handy couch. Which ends up just the right place for the one dandy daddy to sit down, kneel down, and lay down—for the other randy younger daddy's dick. Location is everything!

Categories: Bareback, Hairy Younger, Younger Tops Daddy
Details: May 5, 2024 30 min
Photo of Brunno Gaucho
Brunno Gaucho
Photo of Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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