Daddy And His Needs

Photo of Daddy And His Needs
Photo of Daddy And His Needs

Muscle daddy Macho was working out, but his boy, John, was not having any of it. The young lad was tired and just wanted to stay in bed. This got Daddy thinking about still working out while allowing his boy time in the sack. Of course, the handsome hunk realized he could exercise his most important muscle, his huge cock, in and out of his boy's holes as he lay there. But then, of course, our boy doesn't just do that—and gets himself up to be taken down by his daddy, proper. Attaboy!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscular Daddy, Over 70
Details: Oct 5, 2023 23 min
Photo of John Blaker
John Blaker
Photo of Macho Matia
Macho Matia

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