Daddy on Demand

Photo of Daddy on Demand
Photo of Daddy on Demand

Never kid yourself, boy. You may have found a hot top daddy online and asked him over to plow you like some on-demand cum gun. However, that does not put your ass in charge. Videlo and his big dick are. Meanwhile, he will make you wait until his boner is good, showered, and ready. Then he will cum over with it, and ram you raw—as he pleases. This will please you, too, bottom boy Peque. Because daddy and his dick are in charge, and you love it!

Categories: Bareback, Chubby Daddy, Daddies in Suit, Daddy Tops Younger, Uncut Daddy
Details: Jul 19, 2022 30 min
Photo of Peque
Photo of Videlo

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