Back in Town

Photo of Back in Town
Photo of Back in Town

Here's another daddy tops the bottom boy scene, right? But no, you horny guys, this one turns that usual set-up on its ears. Make that on daddy's back! Meanwhile, handsome Zach already knows sexy Adric, and likely he's had his big cock up the dude's butt. That may be, but now its for the lanky boy—to fuck the hunky man! Seeing a next-gen gent not so gently plowing a hot daddy's hole bodes well for us who watch, and partake, for years to CUM!

Categories: Bareback, Hairy Daddy, Uncut Daddy, Younger Tops Daddy
Details: Jan 19, 2022 25 min
Photo of Adric Hitchcock
Adric Hitchcock
Photo of Zach Maxwell
Zach Maxwell

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