I Decided to Write a Book

Photo of I Decided to Write a Book
Photo of I Decided to Write a Book

When it cums to sex, there are basically two types of men: those who like to fuck other dudes in private and those who fuck men for public show. There's also a third kind: guys who play and put it in writing. Enter hairy, hung Daddy Videlo, whose sexploits could fill a book as thoroughly as he fills other mens' butts and mouths with his meat. Now imagine seeing the hot bareback action for one of his chapters unfold, as hunky Videlo undoes ripped little twink hottie John. It's a perfect porn setup of dad plowing boy tail, and eventual page-turner tale in sexy daddy's tell-all.

Categories: Bareback, Chubby Daddy, Daddy Tops Younger, Uncut Daddy
Details: Jul 4, 2021 23 min
Photo of John Blaker
John Blaker
Photo of Videlo

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