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Photo of Pleasing Games
Photo of Pleasing Games

It's hard to get decent helpers these days. And forget about finding a guy willing to do more. That's what the boss daddy, Marvin, assumed when he hired muscle boy Icarus. Sure, the buff kid could probably handle the big stuff. But could he handle more than boxes and be willing to prove it? The answer came when a cargo shipment arrived after hours, and even a ripped daddy needed help unloading it. He was quite happily surprised when his stripped down, buff co-worker joined in. More so, when the load Marvin really wanted to transport was by way of his huge dick and load in his able-bodied bottom's cum-hungry mouth and muscled bare ass. Overtime never felt so good!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscular Daddy, Uncut Daddy
Details: May 5, 2021 35 min
Photo of Icarus
Photo of Marvin

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