Workplace Orientation

Photo of Workplace Orientation
Photo of Workplace Orientation

Learning the rules for a new position is often very boring. It's always about hearing endless regulations you'll likely never use. But once in a while you start experiencing things—you hope will never end. Like when Davox began working for Chaco. He was ready for anything. However, bottoming for the top guy wasn't precisely what he expected was required of the position. It turned out, though, he loved knowing what the job fully entailed: his tail being his boss's entire workspace. And the dress code: stripped to his jock and having his ass pocketed with daddy cock? He was gonna love that, too. Now, is the probation period gonna include some probing? Davox can only hope!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Uncut Daddy
Details: May 20, 2021 35 min
Photo of Chaco
Photo of Davox

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