Make it Happen, Daddy

Photo of Make it Happen, Daddy
Photo of Make it Happen, Daddy

Cesar loves how today's younger men are openly into older men. The thick-dicked daddy remembers when that wasn't typical. Still, he liked men taking their time before having sex. Maybe this hot 22 year-old will be more patient with this macho but shy daddy. Alas, Felix is a guy who just wants to make it happen. His plan is to meet daddy in public, then quickly get him privately fucking his butt in daddy's apartment, too. Well, fast or slow, these men of two generations are still going to get what they both desire: each other in bed.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Hairy Daddy, Uncut Daddy
Details: Mar 19, 2021 27 min
Photo of Cesar Roma
Cesar Roma
Photo of Felix Harris
Felix Harris

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