Hungry Muscle Boy

Photo of Hungry Muscle Boy
Photo of Hungry Muscle Boy

Gerardo is plain and simply a gorgeous boy. He is an excellent example of a young guy who takes care of his body every single day. He also loves big dicks, his ass needs a constant feed of good pounding, the deeper the better. That is where Daddy Verdi came into place. This Spaniard descendant is every daddy lover dream come true. He is intense and he happens to have a huge cock. You will never guess that he is 71 years old, he loves to fuck hungry bottom boys like Gerardo, who appreciate a good daddy pounding.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Muscle Boy
Details: Jan 5, 2020 32 min
Photo of Gerardo Mass
Gerardo Mass
Photo of Verdi

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